Monday, January 8, 2018

Akai AMX

The Akai AMX is also a different approach towards DJ controllers, and Akai Professional is a bit new with comes to the disc jockey side of equipment. The AMX ( as DENON DJ MC6000MK2)gives us some hands-on control with 2-channels and is specifically geared towards mixing capabilities. You can control 2 decks (specifically with Serato DJ), get some faders, touch-activated knobs and numerous buttons. The fader is of pretty high quality, being the new mini innoFADER that’s gotten some good feedback thus far. Plug it in via USB and it’s powered up. We recommend grabbing this if you’re using Serato DJ because it was literally made for that — the NoiseMap utilization is basically perfect. However, you can also use this to assign the fader, knobs and buttons accordingly with other Dj software, it’ll just be lacking some of the functions but you can get away with it. Read our full Akai AMX review for more info or check the lowest price below! Here’s a video of the Akai AMX in action.

Dimensions: 1.7″ x 10.7″ x 5.3″
USB-powered (no adapter required)
Hands-on mixing, transport and Serato NoiseMap
Plug-and-play with no upgrade required
Control expansion for all DJ software
Mini innoFADER crossfader (adjustable)
Reverse switch
Outputs: RCA, headphone (1/8″)
Inputs: Line/phono (2 sets)
Buttons: Load, search, transport, sync and cue
Knobs: Dedicated cue mix, cue gain (via headphone output)
3-band EQ per channel
9 knobs for EQ kill and filter sweeps (touch activated)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Solar and Wind Power Face Serious Threats From the Trump Administration

Less than a year into President Trump’s time in office, clean energy developers face a slew of unanticipated threats from the White House and Republicans in Congress that could slow the industry’s growth in ways unimaginable just a year ago.

During Trump’s presidential campaign, energy analysts were skeptical of his promise to preserve the coal industry at the expense of wind and solar. Even the most aggressive attempts at regulatory rollback couldn’t reverse the market forces driving the decline in coal, they reasoned.

But the administration has not stopped at mere deregulation. From the threat of a subsidy for coal-fired power plants to a tax bill that hurts the financing of clean-energy projects, Republicans in Washington have launched a campaign against renewable energy that includes market interventions that alarm other industries, including oil and gas.

Even if these measures never come to fruition—advocates of transitioning from fossil fuels are pushing back—the changed mood in Washington threatens to undermine the confidence of companies planning to invest in renewables. Jeff Waller, of the Rocky Mountain Institute’s sustainable finance practice, described the lingering threats as a “spook factor” that hangs over investment.

“All these different things add uncertainty to planning and project development,” Waller says.

The tax-cut packages that passed the House and Senate represent the most immediate threat to the deployment of renewable energy. The version of the bill that passed the Senate contains a provision that would impose a new tax on many companies that finance wind and solar projects. For some companies, including large multi-national corporations, the new tax could hit 100% and make investing in clean-energy sources a money loser. That financing mechanism generated $13 billion in investment in U.S. renewable energy this year, according to energy research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

The House version weakens tax credits for wind and solar power, including a 40% cut to a tax credit for producing wind energy. Notably, both the House and Senate bills would apply retroactively, disrupting a slew of projects that are already in operation or development. The American Wind Energy Association said the measure would cost50,000 jobs.

“This is the most immediate threat and could be the most devastating,” says Gregory Wetstone, president of the American Council On Renewable Energy of tax reform. “It would simply undermine the financial structure that is critical for renewable energy and bring a booming sector to a halt.”

Renewable-energy companies are also concerned that the Trump Administration may impose tariffs on solar panels imported from China, where a massive push from the government has allowed the country to manufacture panels cheaply at large scale. A federal agency ruled in October that foreign solar panels threaten the survival of the U.S. solar-panel manufacturing industry, giving the Trump Administration the legal authority to impose a tariff that could kill imports, send the price of solar panels spiking and drive down new installations. (Around 250,000 people work in the domestic solar-installation industry, but only 8,000 of those work in manufacturing.)

“If you were to double the price of a solar module, it would have massive negative impacts for 99% of the solar supply chain,” Amy Grace, head of North American research at BNEF, said earlier this year. “You would be cutting off your entire body to save your pinky.”

A tariff would hurt the key Trump constituency of blue-collar workers and the proposal has faced opposition from conservative groups like The Heritage Foundation as well as the expected supporters of renewable energy. But Trump is reportedly intent on imposing a tariff on China and this provides a relatively easy avenue. The White House has until January to decide on a remedy.

Perhaps the most dramatic threat to renewable energy—and also the most unlikely to succeed—comes in the form of a proposed Department of Energy rule to subsidize coal-fired and nuclear power plants. Energy Secretary Rick Perry proposed the rule in September, arguing that coal and nuclear power plants provide a “resilient” source of energy.

That argument has been widely panned, including by the Department’s own research. But the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, has final say on the matter. A key member on the commission, Neil Chatterjee, a Trump appointee with roots in Kentucky, has suggested an interim solution to prop up coal-fired power plants at risk of closing while the issue is being debated.

Subsidizing coal, which policymakers around the globe are trying to push out of the electricity mix, would renew its competition with renewables as well as natural gas. Coal use has dwindled in the last decade largely because it’s no longer the cheapest source of reliable electricity.

The new threats to renewables follow years of rapid growth. Wind and solar now represent around 7% of the U.S. electricity mix, up from less than a percentage point a decade ago. The International Energy Agency estimates that globally renewables are expected to make up 40% of power generation by 2040.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Game camera tips

Camera security

  • These small high dollar items are a prime target for would be thieves.
  • We have really worked on this problem. In some cases we have used the camouflage tape used for archery and such to disguise the appearance of the cameras.
  • The most effective method is to use the small bungee cords (I found them in Home Depot) around the camera and just use the vegetation you have cleared away from in front of the camera to disguise it from view. When doing this be careful not to have any of the cords or vegetation covering any of the sensors or lenses.
  • In real problem areas we chose to use a well disguised camera to watch another camera.
  • Good locking devices and camera cages are a must. Most of the manufactures have a security box that can be purchased to fit the camera.
  • In the cases where a locking cage was not available we built our own. We prefer cables over chain because they are a little harder to cut with a bolt cutter.
  • When you unpack your new camera in preparation to take it to the woods, take the time to record the serial numbers and scratch in an identifying name or number so if lost those numbers can be reported to the authorities.
  • Camouflage:  Camouflage your camera with camo tape and twigs and cedar branches. Be careful not to get twigs and material in front of the lens of PIR

Batteries and solar panels

  • Over the years we have tried all brnads of alkaline batteries and have in recent years settled on rayovac brand.
  • This process becomes extremely expensive when several cameras are involved. The use of the NIMH 4500 mAh (as a minimum) rechargeable batteries is a better answer. They are a little less in voltage but all our cams work fine with them.
  • Some of cameras use rechargeable lead acid sealed batteries such as the 6 volt lantern and 12 volt UPS batteries. These are available at Radio Shack and much cheaper Batteries Plus Stores.
  • In most cases the aftermarket chargers like battery tenders that can be found at ATV stores and Battery Plus outlets are best.
  • We have adapted most of our cameras (for example MOULTRIE PANORAMIC 180I
  • ) to solar panels. This really extends the battery life and lessens the hassle of battery changing and charging.
  • Caution: It is our practice to carry multiple batteries and memory cards when we make our rounds to check our trail cameras. It has been reported that an individual was transporting the 6 volt battery for his Moultrie trail cam on the way to the field when the battery rolled under the cars seat. The protective caps that came on the battery had been removed and when the battery slid under the car seat it made contact with some metal and resulted in a fire that destroyed the individual’s automobile. Some of the cameras we use have the larger 6 and 12 volt batteries similar to the computer UPS batteries and they also could cause a fire if not properly handled. Care must be taken when handling and transporting and be sure that the protective caps are re installed after charging to prevent the accidental shorting out of the terminals.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Solar material for producing clean hydrogen fuel

Osaka University researchers create new material based on gold and black phosphorus to produce clean hydrogen fuel using the full spectrum of sunlight

Global climate change and the energy crisis mean that alternatives to fossil fuels are urgently needed. Among the cleanest low-carbon fuels is hydrogen, which can react with oxygen to release energy, emitting nothing more harmful than water (H2O) as the product. However, most hydrogen on earth is already locked into H2O (or other molecules), and cannot be used for power.

Hydrogen can be generated by splitting H2O, but this uses more energy than the produced hydrogen can give back. Water splitting is often driven by solar power, so-called "solar-to-hydrogen" conversion. Materials like titanium oxide, known as semiconductors with the wide band-gap, are traditionally used to convert sunlight to chemical energy for the photocatalytic reaction. However, these materials are inefficient because only the ultraviolet (UV) part of light is absorbed -- the rest spectrum of sunlight is wasted.

Now, a team in Osaka University has developed a material to harvest a broader spectrum of sunlight. The three-part composites of this material maximize both absorbing light and its efficiency for water splitting. The core is a traditional semiconductor, lanthanum titanium oxide (LTO). The LTO surface is partly coated with tiny specks of gold, known as nanoparticles. Finally, the gold-covered LTO is mixed with ultrathin sheets of the element black phosphorus (BP), which acts as a light absorber.

"BP is a wonderful material for solar applications, because we can tune the frequency of light just by varying its thickness, from ultrathin to bulk," the team leader Tetsuro Majima says. "This allows our new material to absorb visible and even near infrared light, which we could never achieve with LTO alone."

By absorbing this broad sweep of energy, BP is stimulated to release electrons, which are then conducted to the gold nanoparticles coating the LTO. Gold nanoparticles also absorb visible light, causing some of its own electrons to be jolted out. The free electrons in both BP and gold nanoparticles are then transferred into the LTO semiconductor, where they act as an electric current for water splitting.

Hydrogen production using this material is enhanced not only by the broader spectrum of light absorption, but by the more efficient electron conduction, caused by the unique interface between two dimensional materials of BP and LTO. As a result, the material is 60 times more active than pure LTO.

"By efficiently harvesting solar energy to generate clean fuel, this material could help to clean up the environment," Majima says. "Moreover, we hope our study of the mechanism will spur new advances in photocatalyst technology."

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How to Buy a Used Rolex Watch on the Internet

Investing in used Rolex watches for sale will save you a large number of dollars off the new retail price. Nevertheless, one has to be cautious since there are many fakes available, in addition to some dishonest vendors who misrepresent the outline of the used men Rolex watches on the sites. I have produced this modest information to aid with that problem. In case you follow these steps, it will considerably reduce the chances you will create a poor purchasing decision.
Used Rolex Watches

There are several things that can be carried out to create a greater purchase. However, the most important ones are: check retailer's name, the question for design number, request first three digits of the serial number, and demand more pictures if available.

It's essential to test for your seller's reputation since in that way you are currently preventing possible scams. If you should be planning on getting your object on eBay you need to check the seller's feedback, not only the sum total and percentage of negatives but seller reviews in celebrities. I'd advice that you just acquire from dealers who have at least 95% or more and a 4.5 status or better. If you are using an internet search engine it's excellent to understand the length of time the internet site continues to be online and find out if you can find more about the site. Also, it is useful to know when the organization has very well discussed procedures as the most serious firms do have one. Among the things that must be examined around the guidelines are when they have a reimbursement policy plus a warranty policy. It's often good to learn whenever you do not such as the pre-owned mens Rolex watches that it may be delivered, or may be fixed at no charge in case it stops working. It's good to ask questions by delivering emails because you may retain a record of everything; nonetheless, it's often a good idea to contact before concluding a.

If you are prepared to buy your pre-owned vintage Rolex watches.You'll have to do some study and find out that will be the style number that you are looking for. Then You Definitely will need to consult the vendor what's the design number of the pre-owned Rolex watches  you have the interest to see if it suits. The reason behind that is that some vendors modify vintage Rolex watches to be able to create clients believe they're purchasing a newer watch. As an example, let's say that you're considering investing in used Rolex watches. You would then do your study and discover the product number is 15200. After this, you search for a site and appearance at some photos as well as the seller describes the view being a Day Sapphire Crystal. In reality what you don't learn is that the vendor submitted a type 1500 Plastic Gem Low-Swift and customized it with a sapphire gem. In another concept, the owner is providing a considerably pre-owned Rolex watches for sale making you imagine the purchase price is excellent when it's basically expensive.

The first the numbers of the serial number will allow you to choose what year the vintage Rolex watches was made. Thus if you have to decide for example looking at pictures between two watches that look similar and comparable value then a serial number would be a good determining factor.

Sometimes sellers merely fit one picture of the used Rolex watches, then it is a good idea to request more images including one of many back events, of the diamond, and the motion. Since you don't have the view in your hands it'd be the best way to acquire a sensation of how good condition the watch is in. Please also be sure that the photos stated are photographs of the specific view and not share photographs.

With some time and tolerance, You should be ready to save a large number of pounds on the wonderful timepiece that can last you for many years. Just follow these actions and You will become more comfortable with your purchase.

Explaining Child Custody

Child Custody Services

When parents obtain a breakup or each time a pair that has been never married breaks up, child custody services concerns should be addressed. The parents must create significant decisions regarding appropriate custody, physical custody, shared custody and only custody of the kids in the event the kids are beneath the era of 18.

Like a guardian, your child visitation services survival will be the most important point to you personally. When you have significant issues with your spouse or even the father or mother of one's youngster, then you must stand these seas cautiously. In case you are a victim of domestic violence, or in case your kid has been physically abused, then you must find legal support right away. The system does it's better to protect domestic abuse victims nevertheless, you should do what you may within authorized boundaries to remove oneself and your youngster from your potentially risky atmosphere.

It's not rare for the addict to generate an overwhelming quantity of concern within their victims. In case your living or the lifestyles of the child visitation centers have now been threatened by your enemy in case you abandon, then you need to be excessively careful with how you manage this case. It might appear easier to stay in the chaotic condition however, you cannot produce the oversight of staying. Domestic violence can very quickly advance and you also wouldn't wish you or your child to have lethal accidents.

If you are scared that the partner may kidnap your young ones should you obtain a divorce or hurt you at all, it really is all the more explanation to get appropriate aid. There's nothing secure about residing in an abusive relationship and finding a restraining order will help protect you and your youngsters together with aid your forthcoming custody matter.

The term "custody" identifies that has the supervised child services, and what moment either parent can have their supervised child centers. You will find distinct variations to this, and differing situations can generate a different sort of custody. Sole custody refers to both appropriate and real. Legal custody could be the parent's right to create important conclusions for the supervised visitation services. These can include choices about where the youngsters will reside, what religion they will be elevated with, where they will head to college, who their physician is likely to be and what forms of extracurricular activities they'll be enrolled in. The guardian with actual custody has the child living with them all of the time plus they possess the right to produce critical choices regarding the child's daily requirements. While a person has sole custody, it indicates they've both authorized and physical custody of the child and the youngster has just one main residence.

Split custody is where you can find two kids and one kid lives with each parent. This kind of design is determined by the age of the youngsters and the preference of the children concerned.

Joint custody has several explanations; Firstly, it identifies conditions in which both parents possess the to make decisions about the youngster's upbringing, nevertheless the child has one primary property. With shared legal custody, the little one has two principal homes, and they must commit at the least 35% of their own time using the other parent. The courts scrutinize shared custody contracts when parents are continually fighting over specific issues the judge may hit it down entirely. It truly is extremely important that parents that are seeking joint custody make an effort to work with one another to determine what will be greatest for your supervised child visitation services or kids engaged.

Family surfaces in California have shifted away from immediately giving custody for the mom in cases of divorce. Today, the surfaces are gender-neutral and will provide both parents identical factor whenever they cannot arrive at an agreement by themselves. There is certainly a quantity of aspect that will be considered before making a dedication. They'll have a look at each parent's motivation to talk about custody, the financial situation of each individual, the kid's connection with each parent, occupation factors (extended hours etc.), age, the number of kids and more.

Moreover, in the event, the parents were never legally committed it'll be necessary to identify paternity before giving a dad custody and visitation privileges. Before paternity is set up, the child has considered the mommy is the child; consequently, if a father desires to have privileges to his child, or if your mother wishes to receive supervised visitation centers paternity has to be mentioned or established in court.

Custody arrangements aren't permanent. Situations can transform with time, giving parents the need to produce an adjustment towards the current documents. At any time prior to the kid becomes 18 years, often parent can ask your family court for a change.

If you're considering divorce, or if you have already been offered reports it is vital that you find the services of a seasoned attorney. Your attorney might help you draft a custody and visitation contract along with your partner. If the breaking pair can't agree on a kid custody and visitation plan, subsequently qualified a lawyer may totally ready your case to ensure that your area is accurately offered in front of a judge. In any event, keeping the companies of the skilled attorney will give you the top odds of reaching a favorable outcome within your supervised visitation centers near me issue. So please, contact a family lawyer today so you can begin protecting your parental rights.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

6 Things to Know Before Turning Your Freelance Business Into an Agency

There are no limits to the type of branding agency you can create. You can build a full-scale digital marketing agency like mine that provides most services a company needs for marketing their business online. Or you can specialize in one area and have a graphic design agency or a social media agency, for instance.

Deciding to scale up into an agency is a huge undertaking, and you’ll only know if it’s right for you by experiencing the journey that leads you in that direction. But if you’d like some advice to help you decide whether you should turn your online business into a full-blown agency, the following list of six primary pain points should help.

Akai AMX

The Akai AMX is also a different approach towards DJ controllers, and Akai Professional is a bit new with comes to the disc jockey side ...